5 Waterfalls In Nebraska That Will Absolutely Take Your Breath Away

Being a flat, landlocked state, you probably wouldn’t expect Nebraska to have any waterfalls at all. You’d be almost right – most of the state’s rivers and waterways flow peacefully with hardly a change in altitude. But head out to the western part of Nebraska along the Niobrara river and you’ll catch some breathtaking views of these unexpectedly lovely natural waterfalls and cascades.

Most of Nebraska’s waterfalls are fed from small ground springs and the Ogallala aquifer, and they are largely concentrated in the ecologically unique Nebraska Sandhills region along the Niobrara River. There are some 200 more tiny, unnamed waterfalls in the area which are more like small dropoffs in the middle of the river. What they lack in size they make up for in unspoiled natural beauty. There’s nothing quite like venturing out on a hiking, fishing, or camping trip and stumbling upon one of the many smaller, unexpected falls that adorn the scenic Niobrara.