Nebraska is mostly peaceful and picturesque – there’s a reason we love this place! Still, like all places, there is a dark side to Nebraska. There are some times that we, like every other place on Earth, experience tragedies. There are unsolved mysteries in Nebraska and, tragically, plenty of unsolved murders here. We’ve gathered up six sad stories and one incredibly happy one that all took place right here in the Cornhusker State. Check out these Nebraska cold cases:

These Nebraska cold cases and disappearances are difficult to read about, but someone out there knows something about these cases. If you have any information about these unsolved mysteries in Nebraska, please contact your local law enforcement authorities immediately.

What unsolved murders in Nebraska have left you wondering about what really happened?

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Unsolved Mysteries In Nebraska

Are there any serial killers in Nebraska?

While the Cornhusker State is undoubtedly a great place, there have been several serial killers from Nebraska. Some of the most famous are:


What are some other unsolved murders in Nebraska?

Have you ever heard of the Rock Island Railroad train wreck in Lincoln in 1894? After the train wrecked, it became clear that it was an incident of sabotage. Spikes had been pulled up from the tracks. Out of the 33 passengers on board, 11 were killed, and this tragic mass murder still remains unsolved to this day.