A Drive Down Nebraska’s Loneliest Road Will Take You Miles And Miles Away From It All

To people traveling cross-country between the east and west, Nebraska seems like a barren wasteland. We forgive them for thinking that way, because there is almost nothing to see along I-80. But if you’re going all the way north to south (or vice versa), you’ll most likely travel US-83, one of the most underrated highways in the state.

You won’t run into traffic on Hwy 83 – it’s actually a rather rare occurrence to see another car on the road. This is the perfect opportunity to get away from life for a little while, to experience a part of Nebraska that not many people take the time to really see. You can take the entire 257-mile journey all at once or just travel part of it. Either way, you might just be surprised at how beautiful this often-forgotten part of our state is. There’s even a fan page celebrating Hwy 83 and all it has to offer. Check it out here.

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