Hummel Park Might Just Be The Most Haunted Park In Nebraska

There’s something about the woods at night that causes the imagination to run wild. A forest can be enchanting or sinister; often, both at the same time. (You’ll find this in any fairy tale – Grimm Brothers or Disney.) Here in Nebraska, there’s a park that’s long been believed to be a place of both good and evil, depending on when you visit. An idyllic, 200-acre park in Omaha, Hummel Park has been the subject of lore and legends since the early 1900s. The stories vary, but the consensus is this: Hummel Park might just be the most haunted park in Nebraska.

What do you believe? Is Hummel Park haunted? Or are these century-old stories simply rumors that have snowballed over time? Whatever you believe, Hummel Park may not be a place you want to be after dark.

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Address: Hummel Park Nature Center, 3033 Hummel Rd, Omaha, NE 68112, Omaha, NE 68112, USA