These 8 Dumb Criminals In Nebraska Will Have You Laughing In Disbelief

Crime really doesn’t pay, folks. And if you’re not very bright, you should be especially careful about wandering over to the wrong side of the law. These 8 Nebraska criminals either overestimated their savvy or were a little careless – either way, their stories are now hilarious cautionary tales about the dangers of becoming a criminal. (The photos below are for illustrative purposes only and do not depict the actual crimes/criminals. The video, however, is very real.)

1. Criminal Brags About Her Crimes on YouTube (*Video contains drugs and profanity*)

Note to criminals: if you’re going to engage in some illegal activity, you should probably keep it to yourself afterward. In 2012, this 19-year-old girl stole a Pontiac Grand Am and then robbed the Waco bank using a gun, making off with a paltry $6,256. She probably would have been busted eventually anyway, but she made it easy for police by going home and posting a YouTube video boasting about that day’s criminal exploits, complaining that she did it all because she was a victim of the government. Then she flashed a big smile and held up her wad of cash for the camera.

These are only some of the more recent stupid criminals…what are some other ridiculously dumb criminal stories you’ve heard that happened right here in Nebraska?