This Grain Bin Airbnb Next To A Vineyard In Nebraska Is One Of The Coolest Places To Spend The Night

Just a few minutes’ drive outside of Lincoln is the delightful WunderRoost B&B. This lovely building has been a favorite getaway for plenty of Nebraskans and visitors for years. But there’s also another building on the property that you’ll want to check out – and it’s just a short walk away from a winery!

Reserve the Butler Grain Bin through Airbnb or directly on the WunderRoost site. If you’re not up for a rustic stay, you can also book a room in the main WunderRoost B&B on the same property. And don’t forget to take a stroll over to Capitol View Winery & Vineyard for some delicious wine and more good times.

Address: Roca, NE 68430, USA