Most People Have No Idea This Unique Tunnel In Nebraska Exists

In a lot of states, railroad tunnels were carved into mountains and hills to allow trains to pass through while the tracks were otherwise still being laid. Being a prairie state, Nebraska isn’t known for having much need for such tunnels. There’s exactly one tunnel that has ever been built in the entire Cornhusker State: the Belmont Tunnel in Dawes County. Most people have no idea it exists, and the ones who do are almost always locals. This is the story of the most unique tunnel in Nebraska.

Maybe advances in railroad technology have made it easier to lay alternate tracks next to the tunnel, or perhaps the tunnel was built as a visual treat for weary travelers who were tired of seeing nothing but Nebraska prairie.

This little-known tunnel is a one-of-a-kind feature of the Nebraska landscape. If you plan to go visit the Belmont Tunnel, be aware that it may be on private property. Always get permission from landowners before you visit sites like this!

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Address: Belmont, NE, USA
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Unique Tunnel in Nebraska

March 05, 2021

Are there any railroad tunnels in Nebraska?

Well, there’s one – the locally infamous Belmont Tunnel, in Dawes County. It’s a 698-foot-long stretch of railway tunnel built and most used in the late 1880s. In 1982, the railway was re-routed, and the original Belmont Tunnel is still used today as a service road. It’s earned quite a reputation locally, though oftentimes, people from other parts of Nebraska have no idea it’s even a thing!

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Where are some historic places in Nebraska?

Nebraska is sometimes mistakenly referred to as a “flyover” state, meaning it’s so boring and uninteresting that most people simply fly over it while en route to more interesting destinations. Nebraska is home to lots of intriguing history, and people interested in it would be hard-pressed to find a town that doesn’t boast some kind of interesting backstory. Historic places are peppered all over the state, from Chimney Rock Historic Site in Bayard to Neligh Mill State Historic Site in, well, Neligh, to McCook, Lincoln, and more.

Address: Belmont, NE, USA