Folks Are Willing To Go Well Out Of Their Way For The Food At Kaitlynn’s Deli And Ice Cream Shop In Missouri

Remember the days when a deli sat on what seemed like every street corner? We could spin around on a stool at the counter or slip into a booth after we ordered our favorite meal – a sandwich with fries, for example – and relax as we ate. Today, most of us don’t have time to sit back for a leisurely meal, but when we do (and even when we’re in a hurry), there’s often no better destination than an old-fashioned deli. This Missouri deli, in fact, serves delicious food and ice cream in a classic deli setting.

Do you have a favorite deli that you would drive miles to reach? Let us know in the comments! If you’ve never been to the oldest deli in Missouri, plan a visit to Gioia’s Deli in St. Louis.

Address: 121 E Broadway St, Brunswick, MO 65236, USA