The Massive Missouri Blizzard Of February 2011 Will Never Be Forgotten

On February 2nd, 2011 snow began to fall across most of Missouri. A record setting 18 inches of snow were expected to fall in many parts of western Missouri. Making things worse, ice coated streets and buildings before the snow fell. While the groundhog predicted the end of winter on that February day in Missouri, winter seemed to have just begun and the snowfall was one we will never forget. Many regard it as the largest blizzard in Missouri history in recent years!

During these uncertain times, please keep safety in mind and consider adding destinations to your bucket list to visit at a later date.

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Bundle up, because winters here can get cold. You’ll want to keep in mind these tips to survive a local winter.

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Largest Blizzard In Missouri

December 15, 2019

When was the biggest blizzard in Missouri?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Show Me State isn’t afraid to show visitors and locals alike just what it can do. This is an exciting fact when applied to special events like the 1904 World’s Fair, but it is so much less endearing when applied to the context of the biggest snowstorms in Missouri. The Missouri blizzard of 1982 is regarded by many as the worst on record – though locals were expecting just a few inches, more than a foot and a half of snow battered cities like St. Louis. Had communities been prepared, the impact of the snowfall may have been less shocking!

What is the most snow ever recorded in Missouri?

Winter weather in Missouri can be unpredictable, but few winters were as unpredictable as that of early 1979. On February 25, 1979, two feet of snow battered unsuspecting communities. This is a shocking amount, considering that St. Louis’ snowiest season on record (1912) brought 63.3 inches in one entire season. The city’s least snowy year was 1954, boasting only 1.5 inches of snow through an entire winter.

What is winter weather in Missouri typically like?

The Show Me State is a fairly pleasant place in the winter… until it’s not so pleasant, that is. Missouri is infamous for its tornadoes, although it can be prone to some brutal winter weather patterns. On one occasion, temperatures dropped to −40 °F in Warsaw, Benton County. Of course, that was just one instance in February of 1905. The average temperatures in Kansas City and St. Louis each year range between 26 and 19 degrees, respectively. Snowfall, however, depends on where in the state you are. North of the Missouri River, snowfall may approach close to 24 inches in a single season. That number is significantly diminished south of the river – locals typically don’t experience more than 10 inches of snow in a single season there.

Address: Missouri, USA