5 Tiny Towns In Mississippi That Come Alive In The Summertime

Between the high temperatures and immense humidity, summer in Mississippi can be a real drag – but it doesn’t have to be! There are several tiny towns in the state that really hit their stride during the season. Take, for instance, the tiny towns below, they offer some of the best summer fun in Mississippi.

So, what do you think? Are these tiny towns must-visit during summer in Mississippi? Ever spent the season in any of the towns mentioned above? What do you think are the best things to do in Mississippi during the season? Tell us!

These aren’t the only towns that offer summer fun in Mississippi. Located on the Gulf Coast and brimming with opportunities for water-related fun, Gulfport is another great place to celebrate the season.

Address: Waveland, MS, USA
Address: Mendenhall, MS 39114, USA
Address: Snow Lake Shores, MS 38603, USA
Address: Louisville, MS 39339, USA
Address: Collins, MS 39428, USA