These 17 Iconic Foods In Mississippi Will Have Your Mouth Watering

Here in Mississippi, we love to eat. And with so many state specialties and local creations, who can blame us? From the ultimate southern comfort foods to perfectly fried…anything, here are 17 iconic foods that are enjoyed by most Mississippians.

One look at this list and it’s clear why Mississippi has become synonymous with great food! So, do you think that these are the most iconic foods in Mississippi? What are your favorite iconic state foods? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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Iconic Foods In Mississippi

October 07, 2022

Besides the 17 iconic foods, what are some more foods that Mississippians love to eat?

It is no secret that here in the Delta we love to eat. And while we enjoy barbecue, fried catfish, and hot tamales, there are some more iconic foods in Mississippi that we enjoy as well. One of which is crawfish, sometimes referred to as mud bug. While the crawfish has its roots in Cajun cuisine, Mississippians eat them in a variety of ways. We love adding crawfish to our seafood boils as well as a topping on our fried green tomatoes. Additionally, we can’t get enough of shrimp or crawfish Étouffée, and crawfish Monica is also a favorite of ours, which is crawfish in a heavy cream served with pasta. If you would like to try some of the best crawfish in the state, head to Taranto's Crawfish in Biloxi. Other foods that we love in Mississippi are gumbo, collard greens, and blue crab. Of course, we also love sweet treats like the Mississippi mud pie, sweet potato pie, and bread pudding. And here are some more foods in Mississippi that we love to eat

What foods are Mississippi known for?

Believe it or not, but butter cookies are the official state food of Mississippi. However, the Mississippi mud pie is perhaps the most iconic food in the state. The yummy dessert is a chocolate-based pie filled with various ingredients layered to make the most intense chocolate dessert you’ll ever eat.  Though the ingredients may vary, the base is made using a cookie crust. Oreos or chocolate graham crackers work the best. And for the filling, some of them include a layer of ooey gooey chocolate pudding, a layer of brownies, and sometimes marshmallows and liqueur are added as well. The pie is then topped with whipped cream and nuts and is then drizzled with chocolate syrup. How amazing does that sound…yum! And for more decadent desserts that we love in the Delta, here’s an article that lists some incredible restaurants that have some of the best iconic sweet treats in Mississippi