Get Lost In This Beautiful Sunflower Maze In Minnesota

Come summer, there’s little more delightful than driving along a country road and spotting a cheerful sunflower field. It gets even better when you realize you can stop for a visit! In Dundas, Minnesota, there’s even a sunflower field that will do you one better. It’s a beautiful sunflower maze that you can get lost in! Read on below to learn more about this beautiful spot, then plan a trip there to see it in person!

For more information about Little Prairie Sunflower Maze, including hours, location, and current happenings, be sure to visit their Facebook page. And if you’re interested in exploring other sunflower-themed attractions in Minnesota, take a peek at our sunflower road trip through Minnesota.

Address: Little Prairie Sunflower Maze, 13771 Cabot Ave, Dundas, MN 55019, USA