Sample Minnesota-Made Wines In A Gorgeous Setting At Rolling Forks Vineyards

Many of us already know that Minnesota is home to many excellent craft breweries. They’re not only all over the state’s largest cities but in small towns as well. But fewer people know that our quiet little state is also home to some truly phenomenal wineries and vineyards. You can even visit many of them, including the gorgeous spot we’d like to introduce today. If you want to sample Minnesota-made wines in a gorgeous setting, head to Rolling Forks Vineyards. Check it out:

For more information about Rolling Forks Vineyards, including hours, offerings, and more, visit their website and Facebook page. And if you know of any other great spots for us to feature, let us know by nominating them.

Address: Rolling Forks Vineyards, 21505 Selnes Rd, Glenwood, MN 56334, USA