This Riverfront Trail In Minnesota Leads Through An Untouched Northern Forest

In modern times, there are fewer and fewer places that have been untouched by human hands. Many nature areas have been developed by private companies, cut down by loggers, or polluted with left-behind trash, rendering them unusable for future generations of people. But Minnesota’s state parks aim to preserve the state’s natural beauty for many years to come. At one park in particular, visitors have the opportunity to explore a pristine piece of forest. Next time you’re in northern Minnesota, take a detour to Schoolcraft State Park. There, a riverfront trail will guide you through an untouched northern forest.

Have you hiked the Schoolcraft Loop Trail or visited Schoolcraft State Park? This beautiful trail brings you face to face with untouched forest, and it’s not to be missed. Also not to be missed? The other old-growth forests in Minnesota that are just waiting to be explored. For one of our favorites, check out our article about the ancient forest in Minnesota that is home to 250-year-old trees.