You Can Rent This Entire Island In Minnesota For Just $375 Per Night

Looking for a place to truly get away from it all? Then you might be interested in the retreat we’d like to share with you today. You can’t get much more isolated than a private island! Luckily, there’s one in Minnesota that you can stay on for just $375 per night. If you’re looking to leave all of your troubles behind for a few days, this is the perfect spot for a restful, peaceful getaway. Read on below to learn more about the 13-acre private island that you can rent!

Would you ever stay the night on this private island in Minnesota? For more information about the stay, including amenities, how to get there, availability, and more, visit the island’s page on Airbnb. And if you’re looking for an island but want one that is a little less remote, consider a visit to Ludlow’s Island Resort instead!

Address: Tower, MN 55790, USA