Up To 10,000 Crows Invade Minneapolis In Minnesota Every Winter And It’s A Sight To Be Seen

Murder isn’t too common here in Minnesota – unless it’s winter, and we’re talking about a murder of crows. There’s one that descends upon Minneapolis, Minnesota, every year, and it’s one of the strangest sights you’ll ever see. The flock is thousands of crows deep, and it only keeps growing. Evidence of the crows is all around. They can be spotted on power lines and fenceposts, circling the sky, or gathered in trees. Their caws fill the skies, and their droppings cover the sidewalks – and even some unlucky cars. But what’s the story with Minneapolis’s crow murder? Where do they come from, and why are they here? Read on to learn the details of this unusual phenomenon.

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Address: Minneapolis, MN, USA

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