Minnesota crafters, rejoice: there are numerous fabric warehouses in Minnesota, and SL Harris is an enormous fabric store where you can get fabric for every project you can think of. You just can’t find this variety at a regular crafting store in Minnesota. So whether you’re a professional seamstress or brand-new at a crafty hobby, you won’t leave this place empty handed. This massive fabric warehouse in Brooklyn Park is a crafter’s dream come true. Read on to learn about our state’s massive fabric warehouse and what may just be the best fabric store in Minnesota.

Crafters will find their happy place with this fabric outlet in Minnesota. With aisle upon aisle of options, your creativity will know no bounds at the best fabric store in Minnesota. Have you been to this fabric destination? Where else do you like to shop for quilting and crafting supplies in our state? Let us know in the comments!

For more information about this massive fabric warehouse in Minnesota, check out its website or Facebook page. And if you just can’t get enough crafting, make sure to visit the largest quilt store in Minnesota.

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Are there any other crafting stores in Minnesota?

Crafting of all kinds is such a favorite hobby in Minnesota. Especially with a long, cold winter, we need plenty of things to keep us busy indoors. If you're looking for another must-visit crafting store in Minnesota, you are in luck, because there are many. One of the best is The Pine City Scrapbooking Co., which offers 5,000-square-feet of paper, embellishments, stamps, and more.

What other massive stores are in Minnesota?

We love to shop at small, mom and pop shops throughout the state, but it is also fun to visit those massive destinations that seem to have it all. Minnesota has several large, local stores that offer all sorts of goods. If you enjoy browsing and shopping through aisle after aisle, check out this massive gift shop, a large toy store, and even an oversized candy shop right here in Minnesota.

Are there any quilting shops in Minnesota?

The massive fabric warehouse in Minnesota described in the article above is definitely one of the best destinations in the state for quilters. If you're looking for another quilt shop in Minnesota that is worthy of a day trip, take a look at this large quilt store in Waite Park.