Savor Every Bite Of The Home-Cooked Meals At Kaffe Stuga, A 50-Year-Old Family-Owned Restaurant In Minnesota

Small-town Minnesota is full of great restaurants! Whether you’re looking for a little-known burger spot or an outstanding breakfast joint, you’ll find plenty to choose from if you get acquainted with small-town Minnesota. In Harris, Minnesota, one of our favorite small-town restaurants has been standing strong for more than 50 years. Kaffe Stuga is a family-owned spot known for its homestyle meals – including dessert – that keep people coming from miles around. If this sounds good to you, read on below to learn more about this little small-town spot:

Whether you stop in for lunch, dinner, or dessert, Kaffe Stuga is a delicious restaurant that serves up homestyle food you’ll love. It’s no wonder they’ve been in business for more than 50 years! For more information about the restaurant, including menus, hours, and takeout options, visit their Facebook page.

Address: Kaffe Stuga Restaurant, 43821 Forest Blvd, Harris, MN 55032, USA