This Underrated National Park Just Might Be The Most Beautiful Place in Michigan

With Michigan being the size that it is, there are countless underrated gems that you’ve likely never explored or even heard of! We know that’s the case for us, which is why we’re constantly on the hunt for the many hidden treasures that make up the Great Lakes State. There are more than 100 state parks to visit in Michigan, and it might be tough to know where to begin, but this is a wonderful start.

Isle Royale National Park is one such hidden gem that we’d like to talk about. Have a look – it’s amazing; easily one of the most beautiful places in Michigan, it’s hard to imagine you’ll ever want to leave.

Wow, makes you just wanna escape from it all, right? Tell us, what do you love about Isle Royale? What would you call the best state parks to visit in Michigan? Let us know your thoughts and feelings in the comments!

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State Parks to Visit in Michigan

July 09, 2022

What are some of the best state parks in Michigan?  

Hold on to your hat, because we’re about to blow your mind: there are more than 100 amazing state parks in Michigan (including some awesome recreation areas, too). That being said, there really are some state parks that just stick out above the rest in terms of awesomeness, and we think they deserve a shout-out. Among our picks for Michigan’s best state parks are jewels of the Midwest like Tahquamenon Falls State Park, which is the second-largest state park we have. It features one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Michigan and it’s no secret as to why folks love it so much: it is positively otherworldly. Another state park in Michigan we love is Warren Dunes State Park, which is much smaller than Tahquamenon Falls State Park but packs just as hard a natural punch.  

Where are the most popular hiking trails in Michigan?  

Michigan is an amazing state for anyone who loves the outdoors. It’s filled with amazing hikes and stunning trails, all of which are worthy of a full-day adventure. Some of the most popular hiking trails in Michigan include Mosquito Falls and Chapel Falls via Chapel Loop. It’s long, at 10.2 miles in length, but the scenery is worth it. The Manistee River Loop Trail is another incredibly popular hike in Michigan; it’s also a long one (19.2 amazing miles!), but it’s definitely one of the best trails for backpacking in Michigan! 

What are the best state parks for hiking in Michigan? 

Okay, so, with those out of the way – which state parks in Michigan have the best hiking trails? Obviously, “best” is subjective, but there are several that are worth mentioning, like Maybury State Park. There you’ll find the Maybury Hiking Trail Loop, a 3.1-mile adventure through lush greenery, past ponds and lakes, and so much more. We also love hiking at Saugatuck Dunes State Park, which is nestled right up along the shores of Lake Michigan and offers up some of the nicest scenery in the Midwest.