These 9 Restaurants Serve The Best Pasties In Michigan

While much of the Lower Peninsula is pretty much Coney Country, once you cross over the Mackinac Bridge, you’re taken to Pasty Paradise. The pasty (pronounced PASS-TEE), that savory meat pocket pie, is rooted in the UP’s history in coal mining. When miners went off to work, they brought with them these hearty handhelds as a means of having something filling to eat, without having to leave the mine. In fact, when they were ready to munch, they placed the pasty on a shovel and held it over a candle to heat it right up. Talk about innovation. The methods of preparing these portable meals varies, with some using carrots, while others go for the sweeter rutabaga. No matter your preference, we’ve identified some pasty shops throughout Michigan that will have your mouth watering.

Ready to grab a pasty, or a tray-full, yet? Tell us too, where are your absolute favorites in pasty-making? We’d love to hear about it.