Between the 1840s and the 1920s, the Upper Peninsula was considered the one place on Earth where pure copper could be found in quantities large enough for commercial use. That meant towns across the UP, specifically the Keweenaw Peninsula, sprouted up and became home to the workers who dug into the mines. The boom did not last, however, and thus dozens of towns became abandoned.

We found one such town, Watson, in Marquette County. Very little is written about the place, although it is said that there are very few residents remaining. What’s more interesting are the crumbling buildings that are still intact, but that are slowly being taken over by nature. We found some videos on YouTube depicting an old, long-forgotten market that really capture this near ghost town. Have a look.

If you view this on the actual YouTube page, you’ll see that the author decided against naming the town…we think this adds a layer of mystery, while also probably helping to keep nosy tourists out of the way. We couldn’t help but do a little digging to figure out where this place is.

Here’s another clue…

Still, these tidbits have us even more curious as to this spot’s history. Tell us, do any of you know the secrets of Watson? Please, share with us some of your memories, sightings, for clues to help us unlock this mystery.

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