Everyone In Michigan Should See What’s Inside The Gates Of This Abandoned Zoo

The Belle Isle Zoo was at one time a splendid outing for many a Michigander visiting or living in the city of Detroit. Built in 1895, it’s sat vacant for the past 14 years. Belle Isle in 2014 had signed over a 30-year lease to the state of Michigan to help restore the historic park. We don’t know if those restorations will eventually include the zoo, but from watching this video, it’s clear that this was once a very special place and would be worth reviving.

Thanks to the handy work of a drone, piloted by YouTube user TheGadgetGuy1, we’re able to virtually retrace the winding paths of the zoo. Here, have a look for yourself.

What a magical place, even if it is abandoned. Anyone out there have fond memories of visiting the Belle Isle Zoo? Tell us about it, or share a photo of the place in its former glory in the comments section or on our Facebook page.