9 Little Known Swimming Spots In Michigan That Will Make Your Summer Awesome

When summer weather is right around the corner here in Michigan, you know what that means: it’s time to pull those swimsuits out of storage and get ready to immerse yourself in some of our state’s most lovely freshwater destinations! There are plenty of awesome spots to take a dip here in the Great Lakes State. Here are nine of our favorite swimming holes in Michigan that will keep you cool all summer long:

During these uncertain times, please keep safety in mind and consider adding destinations to your bucket list to visit at a later date.

Did we leave one of your favorite swimming holes in Michigan off our list? We’re always eager to hear your suggestions! Share your thoughts in the comment section, and get ready for another incredible Michigan summer.

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Swimming Holes in Michigan

June 14, 2019

What is the cleanest lake in Michigan?

There are many lakes in Michigan that have beautiful, clear water, as you can tell from the photos of the swimming spots above. Torch Lake in Michigan, described in the article, has clean and blue water, perfect for swimming. That is likely why this is such a popular spot on a summer day. When looking at the Great Lakes, Lake Superior has long been thought of as the cleanest of them all. However, recent reports share that Lakes Michigan and Huron are now at least clearer, due to a large number of mussels in Lake Superior.

Does Michigan have any natural inland lakes?

Michigan is known as the “Great Lakes State,” thanks to the incredible lakes that surround it. But there are also over 11,000 inland lakes that fill the state’s landscape. And to add to that, many say that no matter where you go in Michigan, you will be within 6 miles of a lake, so there are endless opportunities to relax by the water in our beautiful state.

What is the only state with no natural lakes?

Michigan has no shortage of lakes, but there is a state that has no natural lakes whatsoever. Maryland has plenty of waterways to enjoy, but it does not have any natural lakes. There are some of the manmade variety and of course there is Chesapeake Bay, but you won’t find any natural lakes.

What state has the least amount of lakes?

As you can guess, Maryland is the state with the least amount of lakes, since it has no natural ones. If you’re wondering which state has the most lakes, you may assume Minnesota, since that is what it is known for. However, Alaska actually takes this prize, and this naturally beautiful state is home to more than 3 million lakes!