The Amazing Timelapse Video That Shows Detroit Like You’ve Never Seen it Before

Throughout the years, Detroit has experienced its fair share of struggles. From financial woes to social difficulties, it’s no secret that our beloved city has muddled through an array of difficulties. While we Detroiters certainly don’t deny the imperfections of our hometown, we’re often bombarded with pervasive negative stereotypes and demeaning unsolicited opinions about what it means to reside in the Motor City.

Despite the unfortunate representation of Detroit in the media and unpleasant attitudes from naysayers who simply haven’t experienced our city for themselves, we Detroiters refuse to let our worth be defined by those who choose to remain rooted in the past. Yes, Detroit has fallen. No, we aren’t yet where we’d like to be. But ours is a city on the mend; one that continually celebrates everything from music to art to cultural awareness. We’ve got incredible restaurants, unique venues, awesome sporting events, unforgettable festivals, and a history that never fails to fascinate. Detroit is beautiful.

The whimsy of our city is skillfully captured and presented in this short video, aptly titled “Rebirth,” by YouTube user Mike Tokarz. The filmmaker uses a mesmerizing timelapse effect to demonstrate the true beauty of our hometown as it moves toward a brighter, more positive future. No, we’re not without our bruises or our battles – but we refuse to be defeated.

Which section of the video was most inspiring? Are there any other gorgeous Detroit locales that deserve recognition? Share your thoughts (and your Motor City pride) in the comment section below!

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