The Tiny Amish Town In Michigan That’s The Perfect Day Trip Destination

Ready for a day trip in Michigan that strays a bit from the norm? While there are so many wonderful cities and towns to explore throughout the Great Lakes State, there’s something special about uncovering a locale where the pace of life is a bit slower and more peaceful. When you’re ready to unwind, do a bit of shopping, and appreciate the little things, hop in the car and head to this charming Amish town in Michigan. Let’s see some of the wonderful things to do in Clare, Michigan.

Take a look at lovely Lake Shamrock in Clare:

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Address: Clare, MI 48617, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

The Best Towns in Michigan

March 24, 2023

What are the most charming small towns in Michigan?

The most charming small towns in Michigan include:

  • Bear Lake. There are only 200 people in this town but there are often more in the area because locals love to come here for a day trip.
  • Cedarville. What was once a lumber settlement next to Lake Huron is now a lovely little town that’s well worth exploring.
  • Iron River. This old-fashioned town has several old buildings that provide a sense of history and small-town charm.
  • Marine City. Just across the St. Clair River from Ontario, this quaint town has only 4,100 people and a whole lot of beauty.

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What are the most historic towns in Michigan?

The most historic towns in Michigan include:

  • Manistique. This was once an iron smelting town and is now full of old buildings and you’ll get to see a ton of history.
  • Idlewild. This is largely a retirement community and was one of the first resort areas to welcome people of color before discrimination became illegal.
  • Mackinac Island. Cars aren’t allowed to drive on the streets here, so everyone gets around by bicycle or on foot, which maintains a lot of history and charm.
  • Watervale. The Historic District here was once a community for local loggers but it was later bought and turned into a luxury retreat.

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What are the most peaceful small towns in Michigan?

The most peaceful small towns in Michigan include:

  • Harbor Springs. The whole town only takes up a single square mile and it is a cozy, lovely place with a luxury resort and several quaint shops.
  • Marquette. Nestled next to Lake Superior, this little town has several hiking trails nearby and no shortage of serene natural beauty.
  • With only 700 people living here, you’ll enjoy a quiet time strolling around and enjoying the shops and restaurants. 
  • Caseville. With a small downtown, a lovely marina, and a small collection of cottages and small homes, this is a wonderful place to relax. 

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