You’ll Never Guess What Was Just Discovered Beneath The Streets Of Boston

Living in Massachusetts means being surrounded by historical sites and spots. In some towns, you can hardly throw a stone without hitting some important historical landmark or building. But a recent find in Boston proves that relics of the past might also be lurking right beneath our feet.

The remains of an old shipwreck have been discovered in Boston’s Seaport district. According to the city’s official archeologist Joe Bagley, the vessel likely dates from the mid-to-late 1800s.

During a construction dig for a new apartment building, workers noticed an odd form begin to emerge from the wet, sandy earth of the dig site. After halting construction, a team of archaeologists was brought in to excavate the ship.

The ship is about 50 feet long and could potentially be much older than initial estimates suggest. It’s believed that the vessel was attempting to sail from Maine to Boston, but ended up sinking just shy of its destination.

It’s hard to appreciate just how cool this find is without seeing it, so go ahead and check out the video below.

Had you heard about the wreck? What other hidden treasures are you aware of in Massachusetts?