Driving Down This Haunted Massachusetts Road May Give You Nightmares

You know that feeling you get driving down a lonely road at night? The feeling that makes you check that your doors are locked, and your headlights are on as bright as they go? This Massachusetts road will give you that feeling in spades.

Read on for the spooky stories behind the rumor that this Billerica road is one of the most haunted in Massachusetts.

According to local legends, the haunting of Dudley road began in an unlikely place: a local nunnery.

The story goes that sometime in the early 19th-century, several nuns from the nearby Daughters of St. Paul convent were discovered to be practicing witchcraft. These unfortunate women were condemned without a trial, and locals decided that they should hang.

Allegedly, once the women discovered that they were going to be executed, some of them ran from the convent and fled across a field near present-day Dudley Road. The nuns were captured and hanged in that field.

The legends go on to say that a nearby house was the place where the nuns would practice their magic. The house is still standing, though it has sunk into the ground up to the second story windows. Locals claim that voices and strange odors emanate from this building at night.

Dudley Road is also the supposed site of other hauntings, most involving nuns from the nearby convent. One story states that in the 1950s, a young nun became lost while making her way back to the convent and was struck by a car on Dudley Road. The impact supposedly hurled her body into a roadside tree, and some claim that her spirit has been seen standing on the side of the road. One account even alleges that she hails passing cars and asks for directions to the convent, still lost in the afterlife.

Still another local tale tells of a nun who became pregnant by a priest, and hanged herself from an old tree near the convent. There is indeed a large, old tree near the modern-day convent that some say is the spot where the nun hitched her noose.

Bizarrely, locals have also reported seeing the figure of large man standing by the side of the road. He is said to be dressed like a farmer or agricultural worker, but is almost always described as having a face that is deep in shadow, even when headlights illuminate the rest of his body.

Drivers on Dudley Road have reported everything from strange lights in the surrounding fields, the sound of screaming off in the distance, and even full-body apparitions that walk across the road ahead of the vehicle.

Of course, it’s easy to let your imagination get the best of you when you’re driving down a spooky road in the middle of the night. The St. Thecla Retreat Center is a beautiful and peaceful religious retreat, and people have had difficulty substantiating the stories about wayward and unfortunate nuns. Still, there’s no denying that something about this dark, rural road is uniquely chilling.

Need directions? Click here for a map of the road and driving details.