There’s A Haunted House In Massachusetts That’s So Terrifying You Have To Sign A Waiver To Enter

Lots of haunted attractions claim to be the most frightening in town…but how many make you sign a waiver before even stepping foot on the property?

The SK Pierce mansion in Gardner has a history of death and hauntings that stretches back almost 130 years. Recently purchased and transformed into a haunted house attraction, this massive Victorian mansion was on the market for a mere $329,000 in 2015.

Read on to learn why the owners were so keen to sell for such a low price, and how you can experience this chilling site for yourself.

The mansion’s website provides the following statement in explanation: “The entities in this mansion are extremely advanced and have demonstrated a unique ability to impose their will “physically” on guests. For this reason, a detailed injury waiver must be signed by each guest prior to experiencing “the SK Haunted Victorian Mansion.” Please do not behave in an antagonistic manner towards these entities at any time, as you may be placing yourself and other guests in danger.”

Susan, the wife of Sylvester Pierce, died of a sudden bacterial infection of mysterious origin mere weeks after moving into the house.

S.K. Pierce himself died in the home on January 28, 1888. His second wife succumbed to cancer in 1902 while in the mansion.

In 1916, the daughter of Pierce’s youngest son, Edward, died of Spanish flu in the home. She was two years old. Edward’s wife also died suddenly in the home.

The family fortune was hit hard by the Great Depression. Pierce’s youngest son turned the mansion into a boarding house, which was said to be a den of vice and prostitution.

One prostitute was strangled to death in what is now known as the “red bedroom.” A Finnish boarder, Eino Saari, burned to his death in the master bedroom on April 3, 1963.

Eerily, there was almost no damage to the room other than the spot where Saari had been lying. There were no burn marks on the walls or floor.

In 1965, Edward lost the home in a poker game. The new owners allowed him to live in the basement of the mansion until his death in 1967. There are also rumors that a young boy accidentally drowned in the basement of the mansion.

Even for skeptics, the reported hauntings at this Gardner mansion are truly chilling. These ghosts are known to get physical.

Encounters with the paranormal at the mansion have been reported almost non-stop since the Pierce family left the estate.

Visitors report a range of experiences, including chanting, the sound of footsteps, horrible odors, shadow people, and even the sound of a deafening lion’s roar.

It hasn’t stopped there, however. More than one visitor has reported the pressure of hands on their body, feeling compelled to throw themselves down the stairs, and even feeling as if they were being forced towards open windows.

The new owners are carefully preserving and restoring every detail of the original structure, down to replicating the shape and material of the century-old doorknobs. Guests of the Pierce family included President Calvin Coolidge, Bette Davis, Minnesota Fats, P.T. Barnum and Norman Rockwell.

The estate is still being renovated, but plans to be open for the 2016 fall season. Check out their website here. But be warned: the new owners are serious about that waiver.

Will you be brave enough to explore this Gardner mansion?