Stay In This Fairytale Tower House In Massachusetts For A Storybook Getaway

Whether you grew up daydreaming of princes and dragons, or just love the idea of escaping to a beautiful cottage in the woods, Santarella in Tyringham is an enchanting and totally unique Massachusetts destination.

This enchanting collection of colonial structures and cottage has been growing since Tryringham was settled in 1739. Santarella was once the estate of Sir Henry Hudson Kitson, an actual knight who used built his incredible sculpting studio on the site and transformed the land with the addition of exotic gardens and whimsical buildings.

The magic of this place is hard to put into words, so it’s fortunate that you can spend the night at this incredible retreat in the forest.

A stay in the Silo cottage will run you about $225 a night. Book your magical escape here. If you’re looking for more fairytale spots in Massachusetts, check out these 13 enchanting places across the state.