This Is The Most Hippie City Near Boston And You Need To Visit

The most hippie city near Boston has a reputation for being quirky. Salem is a must-visit destination for history buffs, Wiccans, and anyone who appreciates a visually-appealing, oceanfront town. This North Shore community is one of the most progressive and open-minded places in Massachusetts, making it a hippie hotspot.

Ironically, it’s Salem’s history of persecution that continues to draw free-spirited folks to the city. You can’t visit without coming away understanding more about the witch trials. This tragic aspect of Salem’s past has spawned both gimmicky and thoughtful museums and stores. Many of the city’s attractions focus on alternative belief systems and New Age ideas that overlap with the peace-loving, counterculture features of the hippie movement.

If you need accommodations during a trip to Salem, your options range from staying at the character-crammed Hawthorne Hotel to sleeping on a boat!

Whatever draws you to Salem, you won’t regret spending a day or more in this fun and funky city. Have you visited this happy hippy community? Where’s your favorite spot to recenter and relax? Share your suggestions in the comments below!

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