You’ll Never Forget A Night In This Uniquely Terrifying Maine Inn

In the course of writing daily articles, we’ve come across a variety of ghost stories and tales to keep us awake at night. Some of them we give to you here and others are just too strange to write about. Each time an article of this type is published, we receive emails and comments asking us where the most haunted places in Maine really are. Seems our readers don’t want to merely read about these things, they want to experience them first-hand. So, with October approaching, we went searching for the perfect opportunity. Boy-oh-boy did we find it! If you’re looking for the creepiest hotel stay in all of Maine, check out the crypt at the Inn at the Agora in Lewiston.

If you’d like to be informed of the progress so you can book a night, email the Innkeeper, Jan Barrett, directly at She’s promised to email all those who inquire with progress updates. To speak to the inn directly about booking one of their lovely rooms, give them at call at 855-552-4672. They’re located at 1 Walnut Street in Lewiston, ME 04240

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