A Strange And Smelly Bug Is Appearing In Parts Of Maine And We’d Like Them To Leave Now

Mainers have grown used to seeing all sorts of different wildlife. From moose on the loose to deer to sharks, we’ve all had our fair share of animals we’ve either sought out or tried to avoid at all costs. Most of these aren’t terribly troublesome. Well, maybe we could have done without the shark sightings during the summer of 2020! But mostly, it’s nice to know so many animals share the state with us. There’s just one recent exception, though. Homes around Maine have been experiencing an invasion of one very strange bug.

Have you has the Western Conifer Seed Bug in your home? How did you get them out? Let us know where you saw them so we can get a sense of just where in the state these are being found!

And for those with a sense of adventure, we’ve got a list of a few more bugs we’d like to avoid here! These 10 bugs found in Maine will send shivers down your spine.

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