Hiking With A Pack Of German Shepherds Is One Of The Most Unique Experiences You Can Have In Maine

Dogs have become known as man’s best friend for a reason. These soft, lovable, and energetic little bundles of joy just bring so much life everywhere they go. Being surrounded by a pack of friendly doggies seems like a dream come true, and one the Seelenvoll German Shepherds live every day. Get ready for one of the most unique Airbnb experiences you can have in the state. Hike with dogs in Penobscot, Maine — it is as magical as it sounds!

Going on a Hike with dogs in Penobscot, Maine, truly is one of the most unique experiences you can have in the state. Sure you can go for a hike, and sure you can take a dog for a walk, but getting in a pack of german shepherds and going for a hike is really a dream come true. The dogs are so fun to interact with, I mean,  what can be better than playing and petting up to 12 happy german shepherds?  Make sure to book your time or check out the Seelenvoll German Shepherds website for more information. 

Crossing over the Penobscot River is a seriously impressive and record-breaking bridge you must check out. 

Address: Penobscot, ME, USA

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