This Charming Restaurant In The Heart Of The Maine Highlands Is A Dream

It’s easy to find great food in Maine. Between places like Portland, Bangor and the rest of the more well-known destinations, it can seem as though 10 new culinary masterpieces pop up each season. The real feat is getting off the well-traveled-path and seeing what the rest of Maine has to offer. Trips inland and up north often reveal what Mainers have known for ages – that some of the warmest, welcoming and absolutely delicious restaurants are found where the tourists might not be looking.

A visit to The Lakeshore House doesn’t just mean great, homey food and lodging. It means meeting thruhikers on the AT. It means enjoying late night chats with other guests and it means being truly taken care of. And, if you reserve far enough ahead of time, it could mean a sushi dinner! Click here to read everything they offer their guests – from music, to lodging to events. And, to get right to the menu, click here.

They’re located at 9 Tenney Hill Road in Monson, Maine. You can call them on 207-343-5033.

Another great unassuming restaurant can be found in Augusta. If you love seafood, you should check out this local fave!