The Remarkable Bridge In Maine That Everyone Should Visit At Least Once

Maine has a lot of water, including coastline and lots of rivers and lakes. With all that water, it’s not surprising that we’ve got a ton of really interesting bridges. From the quaint covered bridges that link town to town and the little, quirky ones that are mostly just meant to be fun for little Mainers, bridge lovers will find plenty to explore. But, the Cribstone Bridge in Maine is so unique it stands out from the others.

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This suspension bridge is one of the most fun and historic in the state. It played an important role in linking mill workers with their jobs and today it’s fun to experience.

Address: Bailey Island Bridge, Harpswell, ME, USA
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Cribstone Bridge in Maine

November 10, 2021

Are there any covered bridges in Maine?

Covered bridges dot the landscape of the Northeast, adding an incredible amount of charm and beauty to the area. Maine is no exception, and here are 10 of our favorite covered bridges to visit and explore! One of our favorites is the Hemlock Bridge, a structure that harkens back to 1857. Its 109-foot Paddleford truss spans the Saco River. There have been a number of improvements since then, making this one of the most beautiful (and sturdy!) bridges in Maine.

What’s the longest bridge in Maine?

Into superlatives? We don’t blame you — there’s something so incredibly cool about a massive, man-made bridge! If you’re looking for the longest bridge in Maine, look no further than the Penobscot Narrows Bridge, a 2,120-foot long, cable-stayed bridge that connects Verona Island to Prospect. This bridge is notable for myriad reasons; in fact, our tallest bridge also happens to belong in the Guinness Book of World Records! The bridge opened in 2006 to replace the Waldo-Hancock Bridge that had been in the same spot since 1931. Not only is this bridge the tallest in Maine, but it’s also the tallest public bridge observatory in the entire world! How cool is that? You can learn more about this record-setting bridge in this article.

Where is Cribstone Bridge located in Maine?

If you’re ready to embark on an adventure to Cribstone Bridge, you’ll probably want to know where in Maine it’s located… which can be further complicated by the fact that, if you Google the bridge’s name, you might come up with a different name altogether! The Cribstone Bridge is also known as the Bailey Island Bridge, and you’ll find it in the town of Harpswell within Cumberland County. This is a beautiful part of the state, and well-worth exploring once you’ve visited the bridge!

Address: Bailey Island Bridge, Harpswell, ME, USA