You Must Taste The Lobster At This Unique Boat Restaurant In Maine

We here in Maine are blessed with the best seafood in the whole country. Hands down, you will not taste a better lobster than the ones caught fresh off of our coast. Clams, shrimp, and fish are all classic options that we in the Pine Tree State can almost take for granted. There is one very unique seafood restaurant in Portland, Maine that is on an actual boat. They have incredible lobsters that you must taste. 

This unique seafood restaurant in Portland, Maine serves up some amazing lobsters in a variety of ways. You will have many options for seating, and the view is always incredible. Not very many places have a docked boat with seafood this good. Make sure to visit Dimillo’s website for any more information and prepare your taste buds to embark on a fantastic voyage. 

When you are in the Portland area it’s just a short drive to one charming little beach town that is very much worth a visit. 

Address: DiMillo's On The Water, 25 Long Wharf, Portland, ME 04101, USA