Most People Don’t Know There’s A Lost City Hiding In Maine’s Flagstaff Lake

Maine’s history could be studied for years and the surface of what’s happened here would not even be scratched. From the people who lived here long before it was settled by Europeans to the politics of recent years, this is one fascinating and complex place. But of all the stories we’ve learned the one about this ghost town under a lake is the most interesting. And perhaps one of the saddest.

For a more emotional take on this story, check out the song “Below” written by Slaid Cleaves. It tells the story in lyrics with a beautifully done music video.

You can learn more about the events that took place and see more photos by visiting the Dead River Area Historical Society’s Facebook page.

There’s more Maine history worth learning about. In fact, not many people know about this creepy island ghost town hiding in New England. Spoiler: It’s right here in Maine!

Address: Flagstaff Lake, Maine, USA