People Drive From All Over Maine To Eat At This Legendary Steakhouse

When you picture Bar Harbor, Maine a few things might come to mind. The ocean spraying on jagged rocks all along the coastline of Mount Desert Island, or maybe Acadia National Park with its many beauties. When you think of the downtown area, amazing seafood restaurants where you can crack into a fresh lobster might be in your memories. However, there is one steak house in Bar Harbor, Maine that looks to put beef on the plates of sea-seeking travelers.

It may be different going to a steak house in Bar Harbor, Maine, but we are sure you will not be disappointed when you bite into these decadent and delicious steaks. Be sure to check out Jack Rusell’s Stake House and Brewery website for any more information. 

While you are in Bar Harbor hop on over to Jordan Pond in Acadia for a nice peaceful walk around the pond. 

Address: Jack Russell’s Steakhouse and Brewery, 102 Eden St, Bar Harbor, ME 04609, USA