One of my favorite things about Maine is the amount of gratitude I have every day just being here. I sometimes wonder if living in another state, without so much beauty and nature, would cause me to forget how lucky we all are simply to be alive. Writing these articles helps ground me, actually. On days when I might normally forget that we’re surrounded by beauty, I sit down to write about a hiking trail or lobster shack and I’m forced to stop and simply be grateful.

I recently came across a wonderful video that illustrates the beauty of Maine, overlaid with a lovely message that reminded me to be grateful simply for being here. If you’re familiar with the Winthrop Lakes region between Augusta and Lewiston, you’ll recognize the beautiful town of Wayne.

Wayne is located in Kennebec County, and has a small but tight knit community of just over 1,100. If it’s the lakes of Maine that you love, spending time in Wayne is a must. The area is full of some of the most lovely lakes and ponds in the state. But, more than the geography and topography, Wayne just feels different. There’s an energy of calm and sweetness that hovers. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s small. Or maybe it’s how relaxed the folks living here seem to be. Either way, it’s a place to sit back and remember that simply being alive in Maine is something for which to be grateful.

The following 2-minute video is full of some amazing gems of wisdom from David Steindl-Rast, who spoke at TEDGlobal in 2013 on the notion of gratitude. My favorite?

“Grateful living. That’s the most valuable thing that can ever be given to us.”

Thank you to gnarly bay who created this video, Stop. Look. Go. which you can find on Vimeo.

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