What This Drone Footage Caught In Maine Will Drop Your Jaw

I love writing the Only in Maine articles that are posted here each day. It’s truly incredible that a huge part of my day is spent curating beautiful photos of the best state in the country. I spend hours a week poring through photos of the coast, of our mountains, of rural country roads and I am always left wishing I could take a drive, a swim, a walk along the rocks.

But, I have learned that the only problem with photos is that they don’t allow you, the reader, to see what happens to the sea-spray when a wave hits the rocks at Marshall Point. They don’t let you see the trees in Baxter swaying in a light spring breeze. So much of what makes this state great are the moving elements of all it has to offer. Unfortunately, I can’t give you the smell of the ocean through your computer (yet,) but I can give you video.

And that’s why I could not help but share this drone footage of Maine that was captured over Boothbay and Bristol. It’s been beautifully edited to create, what will surely be, the most serene 4 minutes of your day.

Huge thanks for “Coastal Maine Aerials” goes to Johnny Beavers who originally shared his video on Vimeo.

Now, take a deep breath and let’s all be grateful that we can call this our state.