Hold Onto Your Garbage Because Feral Pigs Could Be On The Loose In Maine

In Maine we have grown accustomed to strange news and weird findings. From multicolored lobster to dangerous algae, the rest of the country might underestimate just how thrilling it can be to live in Vacationland. We even have an entire museum dedicated to mythical creatures! But, of all the weird things we’ve heard this one might take the cake. Have you seen these animals?

To learn more about the official statement from the Buxton Police, click here. Remember that these animals can actually be far more than a nuisance, so be sure to stay tuned so that you’re aware if they’re found nearby.

Not to be insensitive, but here are the 9 BBQ joints in Maine that will leave your mouth watering uncontrollably!

Address: Buxton, ME, USA