A Rare Lobster That’s One In 50 Million Was Just Pulled Out Of The Sea In Maine

If you visit Maine you’ve likely left with a souvenir that features a bright red lobster. Maybe a t-shirt, a stuffed animal, or a magnet. While the sight of this type of lobster has become synonymous with Vacationland, you might be surprised to know that lobsters actually come in different varieties. Sure, the dark color that becomes red upon cooking is the most common but the others are just as beautiful. One of the rarest was recently found off the coast of Maine and it’s incredible!

You can learn more about what the Gulf of Maine Research Institute in Portland does here or visit them on Facebook.

If rare lobsters are cool, but you’d rather enjoy them in the form of food be sure to take this road trip. It leads to some of our favorite lobster roll spots!

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