Cross An Old Bridge And Ogle A Dam Waterfall On This Fairy Tale Trail In Maine

One of the lures of fantasy and fairy tale stories is the scenery that sets the stage. The lush forests with sun rays peeking through the canopy make it seem like magic is possible. It is the untouched land, moss-covered stones, and signs of the past that make these stories immersive. We know of a trail in Hallowell, Maine that checks all of those off the list. It is even nicknamed Hobbit Land so you know that traveling these woods will be an epic adventure.

This amazing trail system in Hallowell, Maine is a great place to explore. From top to bottom you will feel the resemblance of the land the hobbits live and you will walk through a real-life fairy tale. The woods are open all year round and are beautiful in every season. If you want to see the frozen spires at the dam and a fresh coat of snow in the Vaughan Woods then check out this Adventuring in the Moment video. 

For another natural area to explore in the area any time of the year make sure to visit Viles Arboretum in Augusta, Maine. 

Address: Vaughan Woods, Hallowell, ME 04347, USA