Who among us hasn’t enjoyed watching shows like How It’s Made or that Sesame Street sketch at the crayon factory? There’s just something so satisfying about learning how everyday products go from raw materials to fully formed consumer goods at these Maine factory tours. All sorts of companies manufacture products in Maine, and a few of them will let you take a peek behind the curtain to see exactly how it works. Trust us: It’s way better than watching it on TV. Enjoy these fun factory tours in Maine!

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Factory Tours in Maine

What are the best hidden gem restaurants in Maine?

There are plenty of fun attractions to visit in Maine, but you don't need to stop at the well-known ones. After your day of touring a factory or two, have some unique fun at these hidden gem restaurants in Maine. While they may not seem like the most upscale of options at first glance, they all have great relaxed atmospheres and fantastic food! If you're in Lovell, try Ebenezer's Pub for great beer. If you happen to be spending the day in New Gloucester, try Bresca and the Honey Bee for the perfect beach meals of burgers, hot dogs, and ice cream.

What are the most unique museums in Maine?

If you like learning fun facts on these factory tours, we are willing to bet you'll also really enjoy these one-of-a-kind museums in Maine. You'll find all sorts of intriguing places to visit on this list, like the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, where you can find mysterious legendary animal facts, like those about yetis and sea serpants. Another fun choice is the Umbrella Cover Museum in Peaks Island, which helps visitors "appreciate the mundane in everyday life." If you're looking for a sweet and colorful place that will make you smile, you've definitely found it here.

Are there any nostalgic stores in Maine?

Yes, there are plenty of nostalgic stores! Looking for a fun escape to a simpler time in our lovely state? Check out any of these vintage stores in Maine for an exciting trip back in time. If you're a big music lover, Moody Lords is the place for you. You'll find 80s and 90s records galore and enjoy all the different music styles of these decades. Little Ghost is the right spot to go for retro cool 60s clothing, from dresses to sweatshirts and everything in between.