Maine’s Most Charming Waterfront Inn Belongs On Your Vacation Bucket List

There’s nothing quite as rejuvenating as the coast of Maine. Boasting rocky shorelines, breathtaking sunrises, and plenty of saltwater, the southern coast is a particularly special corner of the state. You’ll experience a truly unforgettable vacation when you stay the night at Dockside Guest Quarters & Restaurant, a charming York, Maine bed and breakfast overlooking the ocean. Whether you’re enchanted by this seaport town or the vastness of the ocean itself, you’ll feel like you’ve arrived at your second home as soon as you check in.

Dockside Guest Quarters & Restaurant is located at 22 Harris Island Rd, York, ME 03909. For more information about this bed and breakfast, be sure to visit the website here or follow along on Facebook. Have you visited York, Maine recently? We’d love to hear about your experience there!