People Will Flock To This Tiny Maine Town To See The Curse Of The Witch’s Foot

Maine can certainly be a scary place with a haunted history. The nagging question remains about most of the ghost stories in our state — are they real? It depends on who you ask but one thing is for sure, our state is filled with these creepy stories. There is a small town that has had people visiting for years to see for themselves the reminisce of a black magic curse. The curse of the witch’s foot in Bucksport, Maine is a fascinating and dark tale that allures people to lean in closer to witness it with their own eyes. This is the legend of the witch’s foot in Bucksport.

Even though the curse of the witch’s foot in Bucksport, Maine may just be a story, it still makes you wonder. It is an odd shape after all and what if this trial was never recorded to sweep these misdeeds under the rug of human history? We may never know, but either way, you can visit this site yourself whenever you are traveling through. Check out this Adventuring in the Moment video showcasing the gravestone and this urban legend:

For a less creepy experience, why not head down the road for a hike with a pack of german shepherds? If you are terrified of friendly and adorable dogs we suppose this could be scary too, but what are you gonna do? 

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Address: Jonathan Buck Monument, 68 US-1, Bucksport, ME 04416, USA