The Chocolate Factory Tour In Maine That’s Everything You’ve Dreamed Of And More

Between whale watching trips and coastal drives, there are lots of things to do in Maine that feel very “Maine.” But, don’t let some of the best things to do in Maine fall off your radar. Beyond what you see in photos and guide books, there are lots of fun gems hidden away. On a rainy day, you might want to consider heading to this attraction! It doesn’t involve lobster rolls or the beach, but there’s something about a chocolate factory tour in Maine that feels even more delicious! An added bonus? It’s in Freeport, which means you can burn off some calories by outlet shopping afterwards!

Find them in Freeport at: 13 Bow Street, Freeport, Maine / 207.865.6129

Find them in Brunswick at: 143 Maine Street, Brunswick, Maine / 207.729.4462

For a calendar of their tours click here. And, check them out online and on Facebook.

When the weather gets cold, Maine experiences a pretty awesome natural phenomenon. To see it, wake up early, pray for freezing weather and head to the water. Or, just read this article!