The Massive Outdoor Store In Maine That Takes Nearly All Day To Explore

Very few stores quite capture the essence of what makes a state great. It is even rarer that a store will shape the culture around the whole state. You will find a culture-shaping store, L.L.Bean in Freeport, Maine, and if you have asked any residents, it’s clear they are proud to have this flagship store in their own state. The store gives Mainers more than just a place to shop all day, it also gives an experience, and shapes the very way we live.

L.L.Bean in Freeport, Maine, is a greatly loved piece of culture in our state. Everyone who has lived in Maine for any length of time will at least have a tote hiding somewhere in a closet. The store truly has captured the essence of the life lived in Maine, and we are thankful for the presence it brings to our state. If you want to check out more then we encourage you to go to the L.L.Bean website for more information. 

Just like L.L.Bean works hard to equip you to explore the best of Maine, we strive to do the same, so we invite you to try Maine’s finest by hiking this trail in Acadia National Park. 

Address: L.L.Bean, 95 Main St, Freeport, ME 04032, USA

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