These 14 Breathtaking Views In Maine Could Be Straight Out Of The Movies

When I’m brainstorming to come up with the perfect list of places to feature in an article, I find myself wondering if any have been featured in movies I’ve seen. A quick Google search usually reminds me that Hollywood hasn’t spent nearly enough time in our state, but that never stops me from imagining the scenes that could be shot anywhere from the coast to the country. I once spent part of a three-hour hike imaging that I was in The Hunger Games. Lucky for me, my time in the woods simply ended with a jar full of wild blueberries and not something more dramatic. But, the backdrop of my hike certainly could have been used for any Hollywood outdoor scene. I imagine the preview credits beginning with: “In a world where one Maine hiker is faced with all the blueberries she could ever imagine!” Maybe I don’t believe in Hollywood…

Anyway, here are 14 other incredible views that feel like stills from an epic Oscar nominated film!

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