You’ll Want To Visit These 10 Maine Attractions Before The Tourists Arrive

Let’s be clear about one thing: We love tourists. And we’re not just saying that. You remind us that Maine is something to love even when the weather is cold and snowy. But, once we’re in the thick of tourist season, it can be hard to enjoy the peace and quiet that much of Maine offers. Lines get long, restaurants become busy and spots on the lake are few and hard to come by. That’s why we always urge everyone to get out there now! Here are a few ways to enjoy some of our favorite places during the summer. And, don’t wait until the weather is perfect, don’t wait until school is out – jump at the chance to experience Maine while it’s still (at least a little) peaceful.

While you’re out there enjoying Maine, we suggest checking out this awesome seafood spot hiding in a perfect little fishing village.